Isuzu Utes New Zealand

proud to be 100% kiwi owned

Isuzu Utes New Zealand is proud to be 100% kiwi owned. With an NZ based national operations and support team and over 40 authorised Isuzu Utes dealerships across New Zealand, we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of service and support throughout the entire country. 


Isuzu Motors:

Isuzu Motors dates back to 1916 and is now the world’s largest manufacturer of trucks and diesel engines. Producing heavy, medium and light-duty trucks, buses, passenger vehicle engines and industrial-use diesel engines. Isuzu Motors is at the forefront of vehicle chassis and diesel engine technology.

good bastards

We're pretty stoked to have a bunch of Isuzu Good Bastards up and down the country who drive Isuzu D-Max utes and MU-X SUVs.

A Good Bastard is someone loyal, honest and always willing to lend a hand to mates. Watch our Good Bastard videos below, to hear their real Isuzu stories.