Isuzu Good Bastards

Real drivers telling it like it is

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What's a Good Bastard you ask? Well, we think they're a cracker person. Just an absolute legend. Someone who drives an Isuzu of course. 

And well, our vehicles are so bloody good that many of our customers trade in their old Isuzu, for a brand new one. That right there is a Good Bastard.

Meet rata smith from catlins

 Rata Smith is a farm manager from the deep south. He's been a D-Max owner for a while now and loves it. He uses it to get around the remote terrain, all while towing a boat for those fishing trips. He's pretty tough that Rata Smith. Almost as tough as his D-Max. What a Tough Bastard.

Watch Rata's story here or explore his tough as D-Max LX Double Cab.

D-Max LX Double Cab

Meet Quentin Whitehead from gore

 Quentin Whitehead is a world-class shearer. He's traveled a lot doing just that. He's also traveled a lot in his D-Max. Throwing it into all sorts of places on his farm. It's pretty tough terrain there, but not too tough for Quentin and his D-Max. What a Tough Bastard.

Watch Quentin's story here or explore his tough as D-Max LX Double Cab.

D-Max LX Double Cab

Meet Brian Dickison from southland

 Brian Dickison is a Southland legend. He's also a dog trialing champion - but he says that's all down to Cole, his dog. Brian's been competing for more than 30 years. To relax, Brian likes to take his D-Max out hunting. His son usually goes with him, and luckily they both have D-Max's. You wouldn't get far otherwise. What a Tough Bastard.

Watch Brian's story here or explore his tough as D-Max LS Double Cab.


Meet guy slater from geraldine

 Guy Slater has been thrashing his D-Max around Geraldine for years and has just traded in this old ute for the all-new D-Max, our toughest yet. What a good bastard.

Watch Guy's story here or explore his trusted all-new D-Max LS Double Cab.


Meet John Simpson from tekapo

John has been driving a D-Max for years and recently traded in his trusty old ute for New Zealand's safest ute, the all-new D-Max. From gravel roads and steep uneven tracks to lugging farm equipment and his loyal dogs, John puts his ute through a lot but knows it can handle it. As he says, his ute is 'tough as goat's knees.' 

Explore his trusted all-new D-Max LX Space Cab Chassis.

LX Space Cab Chassis Ute

Good Bastard's from years past

kurt johnson from te puke

Kurt Johnson - Good Bastard

Be a Good Bastard - Robin Dicey

Be a Good Bastard - Robin Dicey

Deano from Wanganui

Be a Good Bastard - Deano from Wanganui

James Gust from Marton

Be a Good Bastard - James Gust from Marton