isuzu d-max tough tips

Here at Isuzu we make em tough, real tough. And because our vehicle handles it for you, we also like to make every day jobs less tough for you.

We've teamed up with the real deal, experts in their field to bring you a bunch of tips you will find useful. Practical tips for everyday D-Max jobs, from towing the boat to crossing that creek in ya backyard.

Mark Vette - How to Approach a dog

 Mark is a professional Animal Psychologist and Zoologist who treats behaviour problems in animals. 

Here he and his team go through a few rules you should follow before you approach a dog to keep you safe!

Mark Vette - How to approach a dog

Davey Hughes - How to Cross a River in your D-Max

 Most comfortable out in New Zealand's backblocks, our good mate Davey Hughes is the go to man when it comes to your hunting, fishing and adventuring.

Here he shows us how to put the power and reliability of the Isuzu D-Max to full use when crossing remove creeks and rivers.

Davey Hughes - How to cross a river - How to Launch your boat from the beach

 Ex-World Powerboat Champion Barry Thompson from tell's you all you need to know about launching your boat at a beach. - How to nail that Beach Launch