LS Double Cab SAFETY

One of the safest vehicles on new zealand roads

Redefining the standards for safety, the All-New Isuzu D-Max is the first vehicle to be tested in Australasia against the new stringent 2020 ANCAP testing and rating criteria—achieving a maximum 5 star safety rating across the entire Isuzu D-Max range.

In September 2020, Australasian’s leading independent vehicle safety authority, ANCAP SAFETY published a 5 star safety rating for the All-New Isuzu D-Max, praising it for re-establishing “the safety benchmark for the competitive ute segment.”

“The D-MAX rating has been highly anticipated by fleet and private buyers, and re-establishes the safety benchmark for the competitive ute segment which has traditionally tended to lag that of passenger cars and SUVs,” said ANCAP Director of Communications and Advocacy, Rhianne Robson.

In the official ANCAP statement announcing the maximum 5 star safety rating result, ANCAP commended Isuzu for democratising safety across the entire range, stating that “all variants in the D-Max range – single cab, space cab, double cab, and cab chassis – provide the same high level safety features, technologies and performance as standard.”

Isuzu’s Intelligent Driver Assistance System (IDAS#), which covers an extensive list of both active and passive safety features, is standard across every D-MAX model. Using state-of-the-art sensors and a stereo camera system, the D-MAX constantly monitors your surrounding environment for danger. Should it detect a collision is imminent, the system will work to help the driver to defuse dangerous situations via alert systems and automated functions.



Automatically adjusts your speed based on vehicles around you when cruise-control is activated making open road driving a breeze. (Automatic Transmission only)


Your D-MAX recognises traffic signs, displaying information such as speed limits in the Multi-Information Display (MID) for easy reference.

Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)

If your D-MAX detects a potential collision, emergency braking is applied automatically. That's clever and safe technology to help keep you and others safe out on the road. 

Forward Collision Warning (FCW)

An audible warning sounds and red warning lights flash on the dashboard when an obstacle is detected in your path giving you a chance to avoid a collision.


BSM provides a visual warning in your side mirrors when an obstacle is approaching in your blind spot. A must-have safety feature when out on the open road.


Lane Keep Assist (LKA), Emergency Lane Keeping (ELK) and Lane Departure Prevention (LDP) work to help prevent collisions with other drivers should your D-MAX begin to drift across its lane.

(LKA on automatic models only)


In slow-moving areas such as car parks, the stereo cameras determine whether the accelerator has been applied accidentally. Should a potential collision be detected, the brakes are automatically applied. (Automatic Transmission only).


Careful attention to detail allows Isuzu to deliver higher levels of passive safety features. Safety features like multiple airbags, parking sensors, a reversing camera and automatic lights/wipers provide piece of mind under all situations.

fitted with 8 airbags

The all-new D-Max is fitted with dual front airbags, side impact airbags, curtain airbags, driver knee airbag and a segment first front centre airbag, providing excellent level of safety to all occupants.


Day or night? Rain or shine? The new D-Max takes a few of the little inconveniences under its wing like automatic light control.  including a light sensor that turns headlights on or off depending on the time of day and will control headlight beams if oncoming traffic is detected.

HSA AND HDC systems

The Hill Start Assist (HSA) function engages automatically on significant gradients to prevent the Isuzu D-Max rolling when moving from a stationary position. The Hill Descent Control (HDC) allows a smooth hill descent at a controlled speed. 


Every D-MAX has built-in rain-sensing wipers, ensuring you never lose sight of the road or trail ahead.


Rear parking sensors provide instantaneous feedback regarding nearby obstacles whilst conducting reversing maneuvers. (LS & X-Terrain models)


If an emergency braking maneuver is performed the taillights will flash to warn following drivers to slow down.