Davey Hughes 4WD Tips - Equipment

4WD Tips - Equipment

Meet Davey Hughes.

He’s had his fair share of backcountry adventures so tune in for some handy 4WD tips, powered by his D-Max!

Davey’s running us through his equipment in this one.

First up: the trusty spade. From digging holes to testing the depth of them, you can’t go without it.

Davey’s also got a good solid set of jumper leads because he wasn’t born yesterday.

In case the worst were to happen, he’s got his Personal locator beacon (PLB).

For communication, he’s packed a couple of two way radios to use with his mates as well as a satellite phone.

In his recovery kit, we’ll find a tree protector, snatch strap and a decent tow strap.

He’s also got a few spare D shackles along with a snatch block.

Davey’s top tip: buy rated gear, not cheap stuff. You’ll thank yourself when it comes time to actually use it!

Then we’ve got our high lift jack, for when a regular jack won’t cut it.

If you’re in a bog and the jack can’t get under, a lift mate to lift the wheel will do the trick.

A decent bull bar is the order of the day if you’re serious about your 4x4.

If you’re extra serious, get yourself a winch too.

When the night falls, a good set of spotlights will help you see where you’re going.

If you see a lot of river crossings in your future, get yourself a 1 piece snorkel.

Davey runs an air compressor for his tyres and a set of air locking diffs.

A decent roof rack is a no brainer for an adventure, as is a really good set of all terrain tires.

Last but not least, consider getting yourself a recovery point in place of your tow ball, it’s much safer.

Now as we know, 4WD accessories can be pricy.  Buy as you can afford them and buy the very best you can – when you need it, you’ll really need it.

As always, show respect to the environment and the people you share it with.