lets crack a world record

Isuzu Utes 8 Hour Woman’s 2 Stand Strong Wool Lamb Shearing World Record

Join us in cheering on Megan Whitehead and Hannah McColl, two gutsy Southlanders ready to tackle the 8-Hour Women's Shearing World Record in Gore on 15th December 2023.

The girls are aiming to beat the current world record of 903 sheep, which has remained unchallenged for 14 years! Both Megan and Hannah have been prepping for years to take on this challenge. It'll be bloody tough, but we're stoked to be supporting them.

And it's not just the 2 stand world record they're going for! Megan also aims to take the 8-Hour Individual Woman’s Strong Wool Lamb Shearing World Record title. Being a D-Max driver, and Rural Sports Women of the Year, we know this is going to be a cracker of an event!

You can watch the live stream right here on our website when it happens on 15th December. Register your email address and we'll notify you when the live stream kicks off. Just by registering, you could be in to win some sweet Isuzu merch too.

Southland-based and keen to attend in person? There's limited space, but you can join us in the viewing tent on site at 759 Otapiri-Mandeville Road, Gore on the 15th December.

Good on ya for getting behind our girls, Megan and Hannah! We're proud to be supporting them as they make a mark in New Zealand's agricultural history.

Want us to let you know when the action starts?


Cracking a world record isnt easy. There are a tonne of rules and guidelines that need to be met. Below is a summary of the key ones that Megan and Hannah (plus the supporting crew) need to adhere to.

The Lambs

  • Must have 0.9kg of wool. (Sample shorn and officially checked by judges day before)
  • 90% of lambs must have topknot (wool on top of the head)
  • Only an area the size of a closed fist may be crutched (wool removed) around the tail area of the lamb.

The Shed

  • The shed must be standard design as in normal conditions.
  • The catching pen (the pen the shearer enters to catch a sheep) must be big enough to hold 22 lambs.

Handpiece and Gear

  • The shearer is allowed 2 handpieces set up and must be the only person to touch, adjust or change any gear during the run.

The Shearer

  • Must pass a physical examination within a week of the record attempt.
  • Must catch the sheep unassisted.
  • May be drug tested, if positive the record is cancelled.


  • Any sheep not shorn to the judges’ standard will be deleted from the tally.
  • After one official quality warning, on the second warning the attempt will be cancelled except in the last half hour of the day when 5 sheep will be deducted from the tally.

toughness runs in the family

Meet Quentin

The isuzu vehicle range

D-Max ute

When it comes to tough as utes, you need a D-Max. In fact, our latest generation D-Max took out NZ4WD Ute of the Year for 2021, so you know it's tough. But don't take our word for it; listen to what some of our Good Bastards have to say. You may even find a familiar face - Megan's dad, Quentin Whitehead, is a D-Max driving legend too! Check out his story here. And of course, Megan's choice of ute is a D-Max too. We told you toughness runs in the family.

Those Good Bastards are not its only claim to fame, the D-Max is also the safest ute range in NZ. A lot of this is thanks to Isuzu’s Intelligent Driver Assistance System (IDAS) which utilises radar sensors and an advanced 3D stereo binocular camera system to detect a whole bunch of things. Basically, it keeps you safe. 

That all might sound a bit techy but don't worry, it still hasn't lost a shred of its tough Isuzu DNA. Our D-Max is powered by the legendary Isuzu 3.0L turbo diesel engine, which gives 140kW of power and 450 Nm of torque. With 3,500kg braked towing capacity, there are no worries about pulling the boat or caravan around.


mu-X SUV

When we make a cracking good ute, we also need to have a cracking good 7-seat SUV to go with it. Meet the MU-X SUV. It brings new levels of SUV luxury and comfort but keeps the toughness, ruggedness, and off-roading capability that Isuzu vehicles are known for. 

Like the D-Max, our MU-X is fully equipped with Isuzu’s Intelligent Driver Assistance System (IDAS), giving it a 5-star ANCAP safety rating.

It has a 6-speed automatic transmission powered by Isuzu's legendary 3-litre turbo diesel engine, which Isuzu Good Bastards across NZ have come to love. Even better, MU-X has the same towing capacity as our D-Max - 3,500 kg braked.

Looking for some comfort?  This tough SUV comes with Adaptive Cruise Control, remote start, dual-zone climate air-conditioning, heated front seats, rear parking sensors, and a 9-inch touchscreen with satellite navigation, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and 8 speakers.